What is Becca?

Aesthetic Artisan Baking

An advocator of “Fashion Food and Beverage” (FF&B), Becca Cafe delights discerning customers with a feast for the eyes and taste buds. A delectable range of cakes, desserts and bakery perfectly combine masterly European bakery skills with modern elements, showcasing its unparalleled creativity and artisanal aesthetics.

Handmade cakes, desserts and bakery are infused with Becca’s DNA and its unwavering passion. The rigorous selection of the finest imported ingredients and the innovatively modern themes ensure an unforgettable indulgence. Honouring the traditional artisanal methods and original recipes, master bakers have been creating tantalising surprises that awaken all senses. Delicious and unique, each creation is a masterpiece that captures the mesmerizing dialogue between nature and art.

Meanwhile, this forward-thinking patisserie is keen on breaking boundaries. On top of the seasonal creations, Becca also joins hands with fashion houses or artists to present awe-inspiring culinary collaborations that open up an exciting world of European bakery where indulgent flavours keep creating wonderful memories.

Welcome to Becca’s realm of FF&B and discover the distinctively charming interaction between traditional luxury and innovative modernity.

In Becca, you can experience the original, delicate, and aesthetic artisan baking from Europe.


Best – Best combination ingredients and high quality
European – European style : chic, modern & luxury
Creative – Seasonal themed limited product features innovative design
Confectionery – Focus on cake, pastry, dessert and bakery
Artisanal – Exquisite, man made & passion

Reason to love Becca…
The avant-garde concept in pursuit of aesthetics
A five senses experience where the main protagonist is Food, interpreted as a piece of Art
A Food Art Gallery where finest ingredients are wisely combined with exquisite recipes
A revolutionary place where the only commitment is to entice Guest