Becca Chongqing – European Bakery and Landmark Café at the Fashion Hotspot

With a unique blend of heritage and modernity, the bustling city of Chongqing has revealed its rapid development and gradually waltzed into global spot light. Hailed as an important cradle of Chinese culture and civilization, it exudes both historical charm and modern chic with aesthetics impact from the West. Becca also pursues to reinvent authentic traditional recipes while combining creative elements to redefine the benchmark for patisserie excellence.

Furnished with sophisticated design and elegant décor, Becca shop facade offers a cozysun warming setting for shoppers to unwind after a lavish shopping spree. Also catch up with friends over an indoor patio separated by semi-opened bi-folding door for a slice cake and drinks, as well asa luxurious venue for party. Nestled among the most coveted luxurious shopping outlets and entertainment establishments, Becca cafe became the only luxurious leisure spot at Chongqing IFS, which is newly established financial centre at Jiangbeizui CBD. With the array of European inspired cakes and desserts crafted with passion, Becca brings to the locals and tourists an extra ordinary dining experience like an elite.
Becca Chengdu – The Destination for Cakes and Pastries in Southwestern China

Standing elegantly among a mix of international brands, the Becca store on the first floor of Chengdu IFS continues to delight discerning customers in Southwestern China with a delectable selection of European delicacies.
Adhering to its unique concept of “Fashion Food and Beverage” (FF&B), Becca offers a tempting range of handmade cakes and pastries for dine-in at a semi open yet intimate space to savourthe exquisite delicacies in a relaxing setting. Becca also provide take-away service if too busy to enjoy right at the spot, yet still can indulge life elsewhere. Especially, to customer who would like to brighten the moment of celebration with Becca’s birthday cake at a friend’s birthday party or with love one for intimate moment.
Becca’s afternoon tea is synonymous with masterly European bakery skills and modern sophistication. From desserts, savourydelights to premium tea, Becca offers a surprising variety of international delicacies beyond imagination.
Other than tea selection, Becca’s drink list has also perfectly combined the traditional artisanal recipes with modern elements,showcasing its commitment to quality excellence and continuous innovation.